Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Night Like This-Julia Quinn

I'm always happy when I manage to get my sticky little fingers on something early (thank you egalleys they're like chocolate for my soul) but there are a couple of authors who make my heart go pitter pat more quickly than others.  One of them is always Julia Quinn.

I discovered Julia Quinn quite by accident one Sunday morning.  I knew my family was going to be busy all day and I needed to entertain myself so I picked up a random book at my local Target.  That book was To Sir Phillip with Love.  Which is rather appropriate as I fell completely in love with the Bridgerton family in that book.  Since that day I'll eagerly anticipated every new release from Julia Quinn.  And I have to say that this one is well worth the wait.

Everyone who knows about the Bridgertons has witnessed a Smyth-Smith musicale.  They're things of legend within the Julia Quinn universe and I was thrilled beyond measure when I read that she was bringing this particular family to the forefront.  And I'd really, really enjoyed Just Like Heaven.  I felt that Honoria and Marcus were a fun pairing.  But A Night Like This far surpassed it.  There were sections of the book where I giggled for pages on end.  The three girls: Frances, Elizabeth and Harriet were delightful.  Daniel was the kind of hero that a girl loves to read about.  And Anne was a heroine to root for.  The interactions between Anne and Daniel were witty with their dialogue jumping off the page and often reminding me of the exchanges between leads in a 1930's comedy.

I don't want to give away too much plot because it's too much fun to get there on your own suffice to say that it's more action oriented than one typically sees from Ms. Quinn (a welcome change).  My biggest question now is who the third Smyth-Smith is going to be and if I'll ever find out what ultimately happens with Hugh, who is without a doubt my favorite minor character so far this trilogy (though Frances and her unicorn obsession comes in a close second).

All in all a utterly delightful read and more than worth purchasing.

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